Gorgeous Atriums Creating More Alluring Home

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If there is one thing that the Covid-19 crisis has taught us, it is a healthier lifestyle that includes the right amount of natural light and connectivity with nature. Opening the back part of your house to create a lovely outdoor hangout is not always feasible in the urban landscape. Bringing natural light into lower levels of multi-level homes is also a persistent challenge that necessitates innovative spatial solutions. The current atrium solves all of these conundrums at the same time. However, these breezy rooms, which were first used in ancient Roman architecture, are not innovative.

Modern atriums have advanced with modern buildings, and an atrium is now something more than just a wide light well in the center of the structure. Atriums have many benefits and come in a variety of sizes. From those that sit in the entryway next to the stairs to those that define the floor plan of the house itself, here is a look at some of the best atriums available and how they can upgrade your home.

Atriums in Modern Homes


Atriums were a prominent feature of ancient Roman buildings, but their importance has waned over time. Traditional homes in India, China, and other South East Asian countries all had an atrium as a mandatory feature, and all of the rooms were designed around this central, open space. Demands for space and modern construction approaches have moved this element to the sidelines, while rear decks, parks, and patios have taken their place. However, people are beginning to understand the importance of an atrium – a core space that takes the outside indoors while still providing adequate privacy. Innovative ideas, such as a hexagonal atrium, have challenged conventional architectural boundaries in new homes.

Indoor-Outdoor Living with Privacy


We did say that a backyard garden is not something that every family can afford. The reason for this isn't always a shortage of housing. Such outdoor areas must sacrifice privacy due to the near proximity of neighbors in cities and suburbs. In the case of the atrium, though, you should bring the relaxing outdoor hangout inside and integrate it into the living room, dining room, or even the kitchen. Of course, not all atriums are the same. Even the smallest one has space for two chairs and a little coffee table!


Understandably, many contemporary atriums are loaded with greenery. This boosts the air quality in your home and provides an eye-catching, colorful backdrop. However, once you look past it, you can see that the atrium still saves electricity by reducing lighting requirements during the day, as there is no lack of natural lighting today. Atriums were specifically developed to increase air ventilation, which immediately improves your home's passive heating and cooling efficiency, thus significantly altering power usage!