Picking the Best Artificial Grass for Your Space – Everything You Need to Know

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When you decide to enhance your outdoor space with an artificial lawn, you are committing to a pretty expensive purchase that will be in place for up to 12-15 years. At first sight, it may appear that all artificial grasses are the same, but not all artificial grasses are made equal, with a wide range of quality throughout the market.

1. Lawn Location


Before you commit to buying the first synthetic turf you see, you need to consider where you intend on using it. One of the many benefits of artificial lawns is that they can be used just about anywhere. Certain locations will generate more footfall and use, though, meaning a more durable solution needs to be sought out.

Indeed, many of the solutions are tailored to certain conditions and purposes, ensuring that lifetime is maximised based on your unique requirements. This means it's critical that you pick the proper grass for your area, but how do you go about doing so?

Here are some examples of places where you may utilise artificial grass:

  • Gardening in the home (front and back)
  • Playgrounds at nurseries and schools, as well as exercise parks
  • Sports facilities (golf courses, football fields, hockey rinks, etc.)
  • Trade fair booths and exhibition stands
  • Kennels/groomers/daycare facilities for pets
  • Displays at stores (shop windows and in-store areas)

The variety of grass used at a pet groomer is not the same as that used in a shop display, and an artificial grass golf course solution is not the same as residential garden fake grass. To make things easier, we've compiled our top picks for the best artificial grass alternatives to utilise in the above-mentioned areas:

  • Domestic gardens include Active Lawn, Comfort Lawn, Supreme Lawn, Landscape Lawn, Luxury Lawn, and Simple Lawn.
  • Exhibition stands and trade fair booths – Landscape Lawn, Easy Lawn
  • Pet kennels, groomers, and daycare facilities — Pedigree Grass, Active Lawn, and Landscape Lawn
  • Playgrounds for nurseries and schools - Active Lawn, Landscape Lawn
  • Easy Lawn and Landscape Lawn are two retail displays.
  • Landscape Lawn, Pedigree Grass, Active Lawn, Golf Prograss, and Golf Tee Turf are examples of sports facilities.

2. Budget


The second factor to consider when selecting an artificial lawn is your budget. There are several alternatives accessible for household lawns, therefore the price may end up being the decisive factor.

The cost of an artificial lawn is divided into three parts: the cost of the grass itself, the cost of prepping your current lawn, and the cost of installing the lawn. Although the cost of our artificial lawns vary depending on the kind, you are always guaranteed outstanding quality.

We understand that artificial lawns may be costly, which is why many vendors offer a 0% interest loan option to assist you offset the expense. This implies that your budget is less constrained than if you bought it altogether, however the entire cost must still be considered.

3. Usage


Next, evaluate how you want to use your lawn — especially in the case of home gardens. Most of the artificial grasses are of the highest quality and are made in Europe with curved yarns and reflex fibres. That being said, if you intend your lawn to be used lightly, with little foot traffic and little to no furniture put on top of it, you don't need such a long-lasting and hard-wearing choice. The Comfort and Supreme Lawns are excellent choices for mild usage since they look great and offer a soft feel.

In comparison, the Active, Luxury, and Landscape lawns are excellent choices if you have dogs and a young family who enjoys spending time outside. The Active Lawn, in particular, is an excellent choice since it features W-shaped fibres that allow it to immediately spring back into position, allowing it to resist little feet and garden toys. The others don't have as much spring but are still quite durable, so it all depends on the colour, tone, and kind of grass you choose.

4. Finish


The finish is the final major consideration when selecting the best fake grass for your area. Each of our grasses has a unique finish, with pile lengths ranging from 25mm on the Easy Lawn to 45mm on the Supreme Lawn. A shorter pile length will be the ideal choice if you want the look of shorter, freshly cut grass. If you want the look of longer grass blades gently blowing in the breeze, a longer pile length is the way to go.

5. Luxury Lawn Is An Excellent Choice


Grasses also come in a variety of colour hues, allowing you to find one that matches both your taste and your area. There's something for everyone, from two-tone to four-tone colour combinations.

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